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Testimonies of former inmates of the Gestapo prison in the Small Fortress and the Terezín ghetto.

Nataša Gollová When fate takes your smile

Nataša Gollová When fate takes your smile Memories of Nataša Gollová still evoke a sincere smile in all those who knew her personally or from the big screen, theatre or television, like the smile she gave to all her...

Fedor Gál

Fedor Gál Born to the Terezín Ghetto The person who we now wish to introduce is Fedor Gál. Unlike the other life stories his begins in Terezín on March 20, 1945. In the...

Judith Rosenzweig

Judith Rosenzweig Gardens of the Terezín Ghetto We met Judith Rosenzweig in Špindlerův Mlýn, where every year she makes the long journey from Israel to meet her friends from the...

Letenská Anna

Letenská Anna An actress to her last flap It’s not very often that a star of the silver screen leaves as little behind her as did the actress Anna Letenská. And yet her life story would...

Fredy Hirsch

Fredy Hirsch Our next story from the Terezín ghetto is dedicated to a man who has often been referred to by those who had known him and who, like him, had experienced the hell of the concentration...

Karel Poláček

Karel Poláček He Died in the Place, where Everything Began We will speak about Karel Poláček, a native of Rychnov nad Kněžnou (* 22 nd March 1892), who died on 21 st January 1945 not far...

Pavel Vranský

Pavel Vranský How many lives for such a life Pavel Vranský was born in Lipník nad Bečvou, where his mother ́s father was a notary for many years. Pavel ́s father Filip Wechsberg was a...

Jiří Pavel Kafka

Jiří Pavel Kafka Lieutenant colonel retired Jirí Pavel Kafka was born on 2 May 1924 as the  rst-born soon of a Jewish lawyer. His father Emil was 20 years older than his Mum Eliška...

Hana Lustigová – Greenfield

Hana Lustigová – Greenfield Another story, this time from the Terezín ghetto, with the memoirs of Mrs Hana Lustigová – Greenfield. She was born on November 3rd 1926 in Kolín and grew up with...

2013 events and exhibitions for the Terezín Memorial

2013 events and exhibitions for the Terezín Memorial EVENTS 8 April Jom Ha’Šoa Commemorative event in memory of the Shoah victims held on the occasion of the annual uprising in the Warsaw ghetto (19 April – 16 May...

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