Pilsen – the Excursion into History

01.05.2008 | 12:31
Pilsen – the Excursion into History

Pilsen – the Excursion into History Pilsen – the Excursion into HistoryIt is the spring 1945. There is a camp of Wehrmacht on the left bank of the river of Mže. German soldiers are preparing for destroying the bridge. The group of the Czech parlamentarians made of revolutionarists and protectory policemen are coming to treat about the bridge. The negotiation is not successful and one of the parlamentarians is being woonded. After a while the Czech side, armed with stolen German guns, is starting attack. It is however halted and proceeds into a positional fight.

The reconnaissance jeep of the US Army and its crew is participating in the fights. Germans are surprised but in the end they are driving the invaders into adjoining streets. The battle is on its peak and on both sides there are dead and disarmed militant vehicles. During the last attack American allies are gaining control over the bridge and over the whole battle field.
The show of the final clash of the Wehrmacht and the US Army over the important bridge you can see during the first May days in Pilsen. The begining of May is connected with grandiose Festival of Freedom, with jeeps, soldiers camps and jazz music.

Pilsen – the Excursion into History

Festival of Freedom Pilsen 2008
May 2–6, 2008 Festival of Freedom 2008 in Pilsen will again remind of the last days of the Second World War and the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army. Also this year you will be offered all you have been used to, and even some new events are prepared for you. The protection of freedom, the freedom of an individual, active contribution of visitors to the programme, reminding of the history and its fusing with the present – these are the main themes of this year’s Festival of Freedom.
The event is prepared in cooperation with the Czech Republic Army and the Czech Republic Police Department which can demontrate their activities here in an attractive way. During the May weekend on 3-4, 2008 you can enjoy a rich cultural programme on three stages in Pilsen, contemporary and historic war camp, historical and modern vehicles parades, exhibitions of older and latest military technologies, and even demonstrations of the service dogs and horses training, or helicopter master piloting.

Detailed programme www.slavnostisvobody.cz www.liberationfestival.com.

Pilsen – the Excursion into History

Our tip:
Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the only museum in Bohemia devoted to the US Army – Patton Memorial Pilsen. Exhibition shows a lot of interesting facts about the end of the WW2 and about the stay of American soldiers in Pilsen.

Patton Memorial Pilsen, KD Peklo, Pobřežní 10, 301 17 Plzeň
Tel.: +420 377 320 414, pattonmemorialpilsen@centrum.cz
Opening hours: all year, Tue–Sun 9.00 am–1.00 pm, 2.00–5.00 pm

Pilsen – the Excursion into History

Pilsen – the Excursion into History
Pilsen – the Excursion into History

Information Centre of the town of Plzeň
nám. Republiky 41, 301 16 Plzeň
Tel.: +420 378 035 330
Fax: +420 378 035 332
E-mail: info@icpilsen.cz
www.plzen.eu www.pilsen.eu

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