Ústí Region – Golf Paradise

01.05.2008 | 12:53
Ústí Region – Golf Paradise

Ústí Region – Golf ParadiseGolf fever, which has stroken the Czech Republic, of course seized also its north. There are more and more players, but also more and more fields are coming into existence, and are improving their services. Come to see one of seven golf fields and enjoy beautiful moments playing golf with your friends.

Would you like to play golf near Pravčická brána? Relax after a hard golf tournament in Teplice spa? To see Tiské stěny during your turn? Play not so far from the centre of the historical town Terezín or root on the steeplechase in Most hipodrom? You can use the contacts bellow and come to see us.
Golf adventures are treated in a new magazine NICESHOT and in its internet version www.niceshot.cz. You can read here about hot events, about news in the world of golf, tournament survey, the fees, and also about golf statistics and how to work with them. You will also find here information about golf course in neighbouring Saxony.

Ústí Region – Golf Paradise

Golf resort Barbora, Teplice
About 5 km to the west from Teplice, in the direction to Duchcov, can be found Golf Resort Barbora at the feet of the Krušné hory Mountains. All area is situated amongst meadows and groves, in a vast regional biocentre among water reservoirs, brooks and ponds. Since 2001 it was growing a golf course and a complex training area here. The field can be visited by everybody interested in golf in the mornings. Adjacent training area is used for exercising basic golf skills, training with coaches, or for “self-playing“, individually or in a group. Common is a possibility to borrow golf sticks or do some shoppning in the golf shop.

Golf resort Barbora s.r.o.
Tel.: +420 721 005 496 www.golfbarbora.cz

Golf Course Kotlina, Litoměřice
The field Kotlina is situated near woods at the Ohře river and is using the local climate conditions of the „Czech Garden“ with mild and short winters, which enables long golf season. In the autumn 2004 started the first 9 holes of the unique flat, fully watered field long 6 388 m. You can enjoy remarkable game with a lot of treacherous water obstacles, slightly curly hole fields and some of them so deep, that you can get lost there.

Tel.: +420 608 400 377 www.mtgc.cz

Ústí Region – Golf Paradise

Golf Club Libouchec
Golf club Libouchec is a club which aspire to get as many people who are willing to become golfists as possible. The local club offers very favourable conditions because its members don’t follow the prejudice that golf is a game only for rich people. Golf is a sport for everybody who likes a fair play. The local club is a place where members enjoy their time together, are not ashamed if they can’t do anything and where they always fing a coach who would helpe them. It is a place where you can buy a coffee for a reasonable price, where you are not forced to eat truffles but can enjoy a “normal“ meal. The field has been being built step by step from its own sources and with the support of its members, and today it has reached 9 holes.

Tel.: +420 475 222 233 www.gclibouchec.cz

Ústí Region – Golf Paradise

Ist Golf Club Most
As one of the first golf clubs under new conditions, the Ist Golf Club Most came into existence. The place, where there used to be only mine rubble embankment, has been changed into a cultivated and aesthetical countryside. The club has a professional stuff who takes care about grass surface and about all organizing agenda as well – which means organizing tournaments, sport tilts, golf for women, training of children and youth, a senior league. It is planned to enlarge the field from 9 to 18 holes in the future, and to improve all necessary services.
Tel.: +420 777 249 022 www.golfmost.cz

Ústí Region – Golf Paradise

Golf Club Teplice
In spring 2006 the Viamont sport Ltd. company undertook the golf resort and iniciated a lot of positive changes, which can already be seen here. During this season they plan to open three new greens, have the existent clubroom reconstructed, and build a new winter garden. All these should be finished by this autumn. And everybody – not only members – are invited to the indoor in Teplice Na Letné where you can get a training for a reasonable price, either on the top trainer, or in indoor driving or putting & chiping green.
Tel.: +420 606 724 995 www.golf-teplice.cz

Golf club Terasy, Ústí nad Labem
The field can be found in the northwestern part of Ústí nad Labem in the recultivated area of the former Všebořický mine. It uses surrounding woods and a lake which arose from watering of the former strata. The first 9 holes were open this year on April 12, and consists of broken terrain with an interesting elevations and terraces. Most of the other 9 holes is around the lake. You will of course find here a driving range of the green, and later also “club house” with a restaurant and winter training equipment. Next to it there is a spot where you can swim, so that the resort can be used not only by golf lovers.
Tel.: +420 721 853 967 www.golf-usti.cz

Ústí Region – Golf Paradise

Golfové hřiště Janov, Arnotlice
Golf Field Janov, Arnotlice The club of golf players České Švýcarsko (“Czech Switzerland“) is a golf club which is open to the general public. The aim of the club founders, its contemporary representatives and its members is the existence of a functional club community. A respect to every member’s personality, creating the atmosphere supporting the club based on traditions, pride and humility as well – it is our basic philosophy. The club reveres traditions of the golf playing as they were understood tens years ago: as a sport activity of the decent, tactful people, regardless of their social status.
Tel.: +420 412 511 879 www.golfjanov.cz


Ústí Region
Velká Hradební 3118/49
400 02 Ústí nad Labem
Tel.: +420 475 657 111
E-mail: info@kr-ustecky.cz

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