Region of Hradec Králové

TRAVEL EYE Looks at Trips with Children in Ústí nad Orlicí

The environs of Ústí nad Orlicí rank among the most interesting places of the region and have plenty to offer – active relaxation and leisure-time activities.

Vamberk – Five Good Reasons to Visit Us This Year

The town, situated in the Zdobnice River valley in the Orlické Foothills is known mainly for its production of bobbin lace, whose history here started in the early 16th century. Its...

Five Good Reasons to Visit Kostelec nad Orlicí

You may ask why you should come to our town. Maybe, because Kostelec is a small but picturesque place in the Orlické Foothills, off ering good conditions for sports lovers. On winter...

The White Adventure or Advent in the Hradec Králové Region

Cross-country Skiing with Rampušák The Orlické Mountains and the Podorlicko, Visit the “Skiing Paradise” in the Krkonoše Mountains and the...

Advent in Rychnov nad Knežnou

And it’s done! The cottage is ready for winter, the logs are cut, the garden is dug and its fruit safely stored in the freezer and cellar. This was a good start and you can continue in...

Unforgettable Places

The tourist area of the Orlické Mountains and Podorlicko is situated in the territory of the Hradec Králové and Pardubice Regions. Mother Nature is protected through small...

One Hundred Percent Good Taste

Accept our invitation to a place with a long and chequered past, with numerous historical sites and preserved nature. Admire cultural and craft traditions. Visit the region of the Brothers...

“There Were Five of Us”

Is the name of the support project of the Czech-Polish Cross-border cooperation in the form of non-traditional sightseeing of the town.  

Holidays in the Hradec Králové Region

Are you yearning for a holiday full of adventure? Set out for the Hradec Králové Region and spend your holiday there. Enjoyment for both old and young awaits you at nearly every...

Hradec Králové Region for Families with Children

Fairy Tales in Czech Paradise - Nejen za strašidly v květnu na Hradecko - První lanový park pro malé děti v ČR najdete v Krkonoších - Les...

Vamberk “I”

Vamberk, a small town at the foot of the Orlické Mountains, inherently connected with its famous bobbin lace production, has fi nally seen the opening of its new information centre.

A Tip for a School Trip

The fi rst Jewish settlers appeared in Dobruška as early as the 16th century. Their numbers gradually grew, allowing them to establish their own religious community. In 1721 the Jewish...

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