Travel EYE October - December 2012

03.10.2012 | 00:00

Dear readers, The summer’s defi nitely come to an end and we’ve moved from warm sunny days into a harsh autumn. As far as colours go, autumn is considered one of the most beautiful seasons, but we’re probably seen the last of the hot weather. Yet this is still a great time of year for trips and hikes, with towns in the Czech Republic well prepared for autumn and still with plenty to off er. If you’re not a lover of history and don’t fancy visiting a museum, perhaps it’s worth trying a cycling trip, a pleasant walk, a visit to a Moravian wine cellar or cafe, or just make the most of a wellness program and just let yourself be pampered in one of our hotels. And as Advent is also approaching, you’re sure to want to know how our towns are getting ready for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

We cordially invite you to come and enjoy an autumn visit to the Czech Republic.

Jolana Uhlířová

počet zhlédnutí: 1596

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