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Prague, November 2012 There are around 300 different machine-maintained cross-country skiing tracks in the Czech Republic running to an amazing 3000km. There are tracks to suit every level of ability. The easiest tracks should be perfectly manageable for both complete beginners and parents with young children. The medium difficulty tracks are suitable for experienced skiers who are looking for enjoyment and a challenge at the same time. The difficult tracks feature some tricky sections and will suit strong skiers with the right equipment.

Sumava Mountains

The cross-country skiing tracks in Sumava are usually deeply buried in the woods but occasionally they emerge to offer a fantastic view of the wider countryside. The unspoilt nature of the neighbouring nature parks makes it seem like a real winter fairy tale. The best of the cross-country skiing in Sumava can be found around Kvilda where there is more than 50km of machine-maintained cross-country skiing tracks. They will take you through the most popular places and also lead you to the source of the Vltava River.

Krkonose (Giant Mountains)

Cross-country skiing paradise in the Czech RepublicThe Krkonose Mountains form the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic and will particularly appeal to those who love touring the mountain ridges. Visitors can look forward to some stunning views, well maintained tourist tracks and first class facilities along the road. One of the relaxing tracks leads from sv. Petr (St. Peter) to Spindleruv Mlyn. It measures 13km, of which 12km is downhill and only 1km is a slight uphill climb. You will also enjoy a 17km route from Spindlerovka to the Labske plains. It will take you on the mountain ridge with some fantastic views and it helps that the final third of the journey from Vrbatova bouda is all downhill.

Krusne Mountains

The Krusne Moutains offer a wide range of cross-country skiing tracks mostly of medium difficulty. The Krusnohorska magistrala measures 242km and takes you to the mountain ridge of the Krusne Mountains. It starts near the Skalka Dam by the town of Cheb and leads all the way to Decin. Its accessibility depends on the snow and general weather conditions which can affect the condition of the cross-country skiing tracks. Most of the machine-maintained tracks are in the popular skiing areas but elsewhere it might just be the track created by the skiers themselves.

Jizerske Mountains

Often dubbed the Mecca of cross-country skiers the Jizerske Mountains offer beautiful cross-country skiing tracks, charming nature and outstanding services. One of the most popular cross-country skiing races in the Czech Republic is the Jizerská padesátka. It has been staged annually since 1968 and normally takes place on the second Sunday in January. It is held on the 170km Jizerska magistrala skiing route and may inspire you to take part in other races and get to know some of the other cross-country skiing regions of the Czech Republic.


Vysocina is the promised land for cross-country skiing. The machine-maintained tracks can be mostly found around Zdarske vrchy The beating heart of cross-country skiing is in the town of Nove Mesto na Morave where you can even test a cross-country skiing racing circuit which formerly hosted world cup races. There are of course plenty of easier tracks to choose from.


North Moravia boasts numerous skiing centres, whether it is for experienced skiers or for families with young children. The former will welcome the mountain ridge tours in Beskydy or Jeseniky Mountains and the latter the tours to some of the many interesting places which can be found in both Beskydy and Jeseniky. To name but a few there is an interesting open-air museum in Roznov pod Radhostem (doplnit web), a unique museum of paper in Velke Losiny (web) and a museum of Tatra trucks in Koprivnice (web).

South Moravia

Although you won´t find difficult terrains for top class sportsmen in this area, you will certainly enjoy pleasant cross-country skiing tracks on the mountain ridge of Chriby, through the Moravian Karst or the Podyji lowlands area. Even children will manage a beautiful winter trip from the fairy tale Vranov nad Dyji to Austria along with a visit to the Podyji nature park. The track measures 25km but there are no climbs. There will be plenty of cosy pubs along the way to offer a hot drink or refreshments.

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