Travel EYE July - September 2014

29.06.2014 | 00:00

Dear readers,
The long-awaited summer and the holidays have arrived. Sun, blue skies and the smell of ripening corn reminds us that we should stop for a while and notice the beauty all around us. So far this year the weather has been highly unpredictable and changeable - heatwaves followed by cold, fl oods, wind and then torrential rain. We can’t guarantee you blithe weather in the Czech Republic, but we can guarantee a beautiful landscape and cities full of historical sights. The diverse offer of this summer tempts one to enjoy a pleasantly active holiday, or at least a long weekend. Do you like viewing castles and stately homes, swimming, cycle trips, walks in the country or just visiting a cosy café? You can find everything in our country, and all you have to do is choose.

Marcela Kohoutová

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