Travel EYE November 2016 - February 2017

28.10.2016 | 13:18

Dear Readers,
Whether we want it or not, summer is behind us defi nitively. Before us is a season of falling leaves, first winter light freezes and pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. You can make the winter season more pleasant with a trip to the Czech Republic. And know that there is plenty to choose from. The Czech Republic, its cities and historical sights, have its unrepeatable atmosphere also in winter. Now, is also arriving a time of traditional balancing over the last year and hopeful expectation about what the New Year will probably bring. To the New Year, I wish all readers except sound health also time - time for yourself, for family, for friends. Time for what we want to do and not for what we should do. Let’s all try to stop, close our eyes, take a deep breath for a while, at least for a brief moment and full of powers step into the New Year. I believe that you handle it the best way.

Marie Kulinkovská, managing editor

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