Travel EYE June 2009

01.06.2009 | 14:40

Dear readers,
Looking back on the fi rst half of this year, which will end in June, I must say that the weather has been especially favourable to us, tourist-minded individuals. The snow lasted just long enough, the spring has been like a picture on a postcard and on the 21st we will fi nally steam ahead into the long yearned-for summer.


While the last issue of Travel EYE focused mainly on cycling, this time we will satisfy the expectations of fans of hiking, boating and beer tourism. The Czech Republic is characterised by its undulating terrain, thanks to which many observation and look-out towers were erected. Their construction experienced a boom mainly in the early 20th century and today they are sought-after tourist destinations. If however, a demanding stair climb is not your cup of tea, set off for a romantic boat ride or direct your steps towards a visitor centre of some of the breweries. In June, choices for tourists are limitless...
Petr Šrain, Editor

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