The Lašská Gate of Beskydy Mountains

02.05.2009 | 16:49
The Lašská Gate of Beskydy Mountains

Help us to find….
This year we aren’t just looking for the Lašská Gate itself, although some of you might be searching vainly for it on the map, but we are trying to ? nd the best photographs, logos and mystic secrets connected with this gate. The unsuccessful map readers will be pleased to ? nally learn that it is in the area around Štramberk, Kopřivnice, Příbor and Hukvaldy. The good news for everyone is that these towns have prepared competitions and games with nice prizes awaiting the best and luckiest of you.


We are looking for the best photo of the Lašská Gate of Beskydy
Do you enjoy taking photos? Do you have any nice pictures from the Lašská Gate area? Are you planning your holiday there and taking your camera with you? Why don’t you enter the best photo competition? There is one condition; the picture must be somehow connected with the Lašská Gate of Beskydy. The competition closes on Oct. 30, 2009, so you have plenty of time to get the really best shot. If you don’t win, do not despair, maybe you could sell your photos to the towns organising the event.

We are looking for the secrets of the Lašská Gate
The Lašská Gate of Beskydy MountainsThose of you, who participated in the summer stamping game of the Lašská Gate, know only too well who Lojza Lach is. For the rest of you we will just reveal that it is quite pleasant to follow in this character’s footsteps. This year you can again stroll around interesting places of the Lašská Gate and search together with Lojza Lach for its secrets. The game takes place from May to August and at the end you will have not only discovered the secrets but also possibly received some of the attractive prizes, which will match the number of the secrets you have managed to uncover.

The Lašská Gate of Beskydy Mountains

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