Radko Martínek on the Gingerbread Region

01.07.2009 | 00:00
Radko Martínek on the Gingerbread Region

The Pardubice Region comes under East Bohemia, a territory, which tourist trade statistics do not always show very favourably. For this reason I have asked Mr. Radko Martínek, Governor of the Pardubice Region, to give us his views on some of the problems.


How do you appraise the diff erences between the Pardubice and Hradec Králové Regions in terms of offi cial statistical data?
The Pardubice Region was set up by being separated from the former East Bohemian Region. Most of the recreational facilities stayed in its northern part - the Hradec Králové Region. In our region we suff er insuffi cient accommodation capacity; however we boast an exceptionally beautiful landscape and historical sites. Nevertheless, our one but last position on the visitor rate scale among Czech regions is due mainly to neglected infrastructure, which should be improved with the upcoming projects fi nanced by European funds. Making the Pardubice Region an attractive area for foreign and Czech visitors requires suffi cient fi nances and better quality services. In the period from 2007 to 2013 there is the possibility of signifi cantly increasing the off er, widening the range of attractive points of interest and substantially improving the quality of services off ered. Bright ideas, which should attract tourists, will be prioritised. Our highest priority will be comprehensive projects focusing on tourism development in attractive localities, which make up the backbone of the Pardubice Region tourist trade. These are mainly the area of Králický Sněžník, Kladruby nad Labem, Pardubice, Litomyšl and Moravská Třebová.

What do you think about the foundation of the new company - Orlické hory a Podorlicko (Orlické Mountains and Podorlicko Tourist Region), set up in the territory of both of the regions?
I think it is logical that the tourist trade is not governed by regional borders. There is only one Orlické Mountain range.

Do you believe it is necessary to change the general preconception of the traditional area of East Bohemia and strictly demarcate what is the Pardubice Region and what is the Hradec Králové Region?
We promote close co-operation with the neighbouring region. The East Bohemia label covers the territory of both of the regions, which is not always clear to tourists. We are preparing a new tourist concept in the region, emphasising the promotion of our Pardubice Region. We will be supplementing the promotional materials with an internet presentation. We wish to target the younger category of potential visitors and so we will use modern communication technologies, such as radio spots or Facebook presentations.

In conclusion, I have one last question. Which place in the Pardubice Region would you recommend to our readers, for example for a family trip?
I would defi nitely invite them to Moravská Třebová, where families with children will fi nd everything they need for a pleasant holiday, i.e. a castle, aqua-park, tennis courts - etc. The town environs off er ideal conditions for cycling trips.

Thank you for the interview…

Luděk Sládek

Radko Martínek on the Gingerbread Region Radko Martínek on the Gingerbread Region Radko Martínek on the Gingerbread Region

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