Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

31.08.2008 | 17:59
Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region Our region is able to offer everything what is necessary to enjoy your free time and have a proper rest. There are lots of touristic paths and bikeroutes, hipotourism is also being prepared. You can find accomodation in top hotels, in family pensions, or in traditional cottages. Autumn is beautiful in Šumava!


Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

There are wel-known and favourite places here, as well as the places which haven‘t been discovered yet. There are also places which haven‘t possibilities for starting tourism, speak nothing of its development. The traditional ones are for instance Šumava, among the others belong for instance border parts of the region. Everybody can choose, and it depends on local services if they offer to their visitors high quality, so that they would love to come back. Each modern offer must have its addressee: families with children have diferent demands than a firm managers meeting or seniors. The offer of the Pilsen Region is intended first of all for travel agencies which can use our portal with a new interactive internet searcher New is also an International Information Centre in Rozvadov. Everybody is heartly welcome.

Mgr. Olga Kalčíková, hetman manager for tourism

Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

A Place Mysterious, Beautiful and Relocated
This place is the Hauswald Chapel near the hamlet of Srní. The Association of Karel Klostermann – the writer of Šumava, and The Council of the National Park Šumava have decided to renew this place for tourists with the financial help of the Pilsen Region. After many long years the Hauswald Chapel was made accessible for tourists and handicapped people in wheelchairs in 2006. the place is connected with many a legend and used to be a pilgrimage place for believers even from Italy or Tyrolia. Why so many miracles, and why consecrated to Virgin Mary of Lourdes? It might be because of a very strong energetic site near the Calvary, perhaps due to clear spring water, which is brought here from nearby spring in by hand hewn trunks placed on 59 lost rocks, symbolizing prayer beads. So why not to visit Šumava‘s Lourdes? Why not to remember the strenght and history of this mysterious place? A renewal of the Hauswald Chapel is a gift for future generations which may not believe in miracles of healing, but may come to search for their lost life energy here.

Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

Návštěvnické centrum dřevařství na Modravě
Visitors Centre of Timbering in Modrava
Modrava and its surroundings is one of the most popular parts of Šumava, which has offers even for the most demanding visitors. If you come when weather is not so fine, you can visit lately opened Visitors Centre of Timbering in Modrava with a unique interactive exposition. You can try old technical and technological twists with a specialized explanation. You will get to know that things, which you have been so far considering to be a mystery, ceased to be a mystery. If you spend your autumn afternoon in our Visitors Centre of Timbering, you will be enriched by new knowledge and inspirations, but also with the feeling that the time spent like that was useful.

Open (except Mondays):
Summer season: VII - VIII / Tu - Su / 10 am – 5 pm
Winter season: IX - III / Tu - Su / 10 am – 5 pm
Off-season: IX - X, IV - VI / Fr 3 pm – 5 pm Sa - Su 10 am - 5 pm
Mobil: +420 722 634 107; 603 415 550

Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region
Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

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