Meetings in Pilsen

29.05.2008 | 22:57
Meetings in Pilsen

Meetings in PilsenWhen? In the middle of June! You will be at the right time on the right place if you are planning to meet your partners, family or friends in the middle of June in Pilsen. You can enjoy events which will change the face of the town for several days. Forget all worries and spread your wings in the fantasy land…

Ghosts invite you to the Historical Weekend June 13–15, 2008
After two years the Pilsen main square will host the biggest ghost festival in the Czech Republic – The Historical Weekend. This year will be in the name of gilds – the smiths, bakers, butchers, brewers will meet there. They will be also a part of Friday and Saturday evening story – The Round of Ghosts with love, combat of the good and the evil, and on Saturday evening Pilsen will be livened up by ghost, watermen, elves, dragons and other beings from the fantasy land, who will meet at their traditional “Vejšlap“.

Meetings in Pilsen

12th International Folklor Festival CIOFF Pilsen 2008 June 11–15, 2008
International Folklor Festival CIOFF Pilsen is since 1997 the place of folklor and folk arts lovers meeting and about 20 adult and children folklor groups from all the Czech Republic as well as from abroad take part. This year groups from Slovakia, Moldavia, Sicily, Canary Islands, Columbia, China will come. The events can be seen in the historical centre of Pilsen in the beautiful park Smetanovy sady.

Meetings in Pilsen

Marionette Theatre Festival “Skupova Plzeň“ June 15–19, 2008
This festival was held in 1967 for the first time as the 75th anniversary jubilee of birth and the 10th anniversary of death of Josef Skupa and as a homage to this significant Czech marionetter. This year is the 27th year of the Czech professional marionette plays and the parade will host 22 Czech groups, as well as groups from abroad, from June 15 to June 19, 2008. The festival offers also the presentation of the Czech marionette theatre for invited guests for supporting “Czech marionette plays export“.

Pilsen will have its own Theatre Summer June 28– July 12, 2008
The festival Theatre Summer under the Pilsen Skies will introduce itself for the first time with the Moliér‘s play Don Juan on June 28, 2008. This comedy about hipocrisy, disguise and lies is directed by Vilém Dubnička in the unique surroundings of historic town walls in the park Křižíkovy sady, the vacant lot Theatrum Mundi. Fourteen nights from June 28 to July 12, 2008 you can enjoy performances of the actors from the Prague theatres Jan Přeučil and Viktor Limr, as well as their Pilsen colleagues from the theatres Divadlo J. K. Tyla and Divadla Alfa.

Meetings in Pilsen

Meetings in Pilsen

Meetings in Pilsen

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