In the White Tracks of the Ore Mountains

28.11.2007 | 22:55
In the White Tracks of the Ore Mountains

Until now, the Ore (Krušné) Mountains have been crossed by disunited and discontinued cross-country tracks that were neither kept nor maintained by anyone. After months of negotiations the six centres of the Ore Mountains Club have managed to connect the ridges of the Ore Mountains by roughly 350 km of prepared cross-country tracks. They lead from the Lešná Centre on the boundary of Most and Chomutov regions over to Klíny, Dlouhá Louka, Bouřňák, Fojtovice and Telnice. Thus, one of the largest compact systems of cross-country tracks has come into existence, and what´s more, it will be connected to the prepared ski tracks on the German side of the mountains.

The partners of the Ore Mountains Club aim not only to ensure optimal quality of the cross-country tracks but also to prepare common sports and cultural activities, a unified promotion of the Club and formation of an identical navigation system for tourists. In the coming years, visitors of each centre will be provided by complex services, dressing rooms, showers and common ski-hire facilities.

The associations consist of several organisations that are supported by both commercial subjects and adjoining towns. Chomutov, Jirkov, Boleboř, Vysoká Pec and Union of Municipalities Leseňská pláň support financially the Mountain Club Lesná. The town of Litvínov and municipality Klíny contribute to the Mount Club Litvínov and municipalities Osek, Duchcov and Bílina to the Ore Mountains Club. Sport Centre Bouřňák cooperates with the town of Dubí, Fojtovice with Krupka and SKI Club Telnice is supported by Ústí nad Labem and Telnice. The list is not exhausted by far; the cooperation goes on with clubs on the German side of the Ore Mountains.

The preparation of the cross-country tracks is fairly shared by all members of the association. The 55 km long leg of the tracks that run right on the ridge of the Ore Mountains is kept by the Mountain Club Lesná. Their snow groomer Pisten Bully 100 is equipped with a special mechanism for the preparation of cross-country trails both for classical and free style. The centre itself offers its visitors many other supplementary activities – accommodation, a parking lot for 30 cars, a restaurant, ski hire facility (both cross-country skis and ski sets). During the summer there is a mountain bike rental, a multifunctional playground, horse and pony riding or hunting.

Next to Mount Club Lesná the visitors will find Sport Area Klíny where about 30 kilometres of tracks are maintained by the Mount Club Litvínov. The leg of well-kept tracks will lead from Nová Ves v Horách to the Fláje area. The quality of cross-country trails will be ensured by the technical equipment Pisten Bully 130 and a snow scooter with tracksetter. Fans of alpine skiing will find good conditions in this area, you can also try snow tubing, mountain scooters and Nordic Walking.

Ore Mountains Club takes care of the leg of tracks from Dlouhé Louky over Beggars´ Horn to Three Lords’ Peak which is 55 kilometres long. The technical base of the association consists of a Pisten Bully 160, a four-wheeler Bombardier 650 and a snow scooter with tracksetter. Also this centre can offer accommodation, restaurant, parking lot for 30 cars and refreshment to its visitors.

At the Three Lords´ Peak the Ore Mountains Club meets another partner – Sport Centre Bouřňák. It continues with a fifty-kilometre-long track to Dubí over Nové Město, Moldava, Cínovec. The offer of tourist services includes accommodation, a parking lot, refreshments, the alpine and cross-country ski rental, bikes, warming and dressing rooms for cross-country skiers. The tracks will be prepared by the snow groomer Pisten Bully 130 and a snow scooter.

At Cínovec begins the leg of tracks that are kept by the Civic association of the Fojtovice area, that takes care of 32 kilometres to Adolfov. The traits will be prepared by the snow groomer Avalanche. Visitors can use a parking place for 50 cars, accommodation, refreshments, a restaurant, and fans of horse riding and hippo therapy will find good facilities there.

SKI Club Telnice is the last partner of the Ore Mountains Club. By preparing the 30 kilometres long track in Nakléřov this association finishes the whole White Track of Ore Mountains. The technical equipment consists of snow scooters, a snow groomer LEITNER 500 and a snow groomer PRINOTH with tracksetter which will enable preparation of cross-country trails for both the classical style and skating. Visitors will find a parking place for 400 cars, accommodation, restaurant and refreshment stands, a ski school and ski rental.

Activities of the club are not limited to winter sports. In the future, a Folk House of the Ore Mountains will be erected. The House will serve as a museum to depict the life of the mountain people that lived here more than 100 years ago. The club also plans to build a chapel that will be a true copy of the chapel pictured on photographic documents preserved from the 20th century. The Museums of Chomutov and Most cooperate in both projects. A multifunctional playground with artificial surface in Lesná Area can serve an example of what has already been finished.

The whole project White track of the Ore Mountains is supported by both private sector (owners of the centres, sponsors) and public sector (towns, municipalities, Ústí Region).

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