Why exactly Ore?

29.12.2007 | 14:47
Why exactly Ore?

The name of the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory) derives from the mining activities that on one hand brought prosperity to this region, on the other an enormous endurance for those who were extracting various ores.

In the old days miners were doing all the works by hand because explosive powders were applied only in the 18th century. And therefore hammers, crowbars and even fire were used as tools. It was the glare of the burning wood that caused the minerals to rupture, which made it easier to break it apart. The abundance of ores gave name to this ridge – the Ore Mountains.

The mountain range originated in the Primary. Intensive volcanic activity brought about rich occurrence of metal ores, and also of several healing springs that gave rise to many spa centres. The mountains, which in the past were rather vicissitudinous, are today finally gaining their deserved place in the sun. They can offer a lot to their visitors, and compared to other mountain massifs they have one big advantage – you will meet much less tourists here. In the winter and in the summer you can therefore enjoy your stay in big swallows! It is no longer true that this area is more polluted or devastated than other regions - on the contrary. Centuries of settlement have left ineffaceable traces that can become attractive targets for various trips, and also the towns in the foothills area have its unique atmosphere. However, the best way to convince yourself about the beauty of the Ore Mountains will be if you come to spend a couple of days in this part of the country.





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