Kamil Lhoták and his world

24.06.2019 | 21:14
Kamil Lhoták and his world

South Bohemian Gallery will present a new exhibition entitled “Kamil Lhoták and his world” which will take place in the main hall of Castle riding school in Hluboká nad Vltavou in the period of 23 June – 6 October 2019. This historically largest exhibition of Kamil Lhoták’s works will present the artist’s production in three key areas of his production – painting, drawing and graphic art, while the Lhoták’s development line will be rendered in all these directions from his beginnings in the 1930’ to the completion of the activity in the 1980’.

The scope of the exhibition will be really extraordinary. There will be presented more than 400 carefully selected lots both from state and private collections from the Czech Republic and abroad. This unique range will allow mapping the artist’s works retrospectively and to exceed even the greatest exhibitions just several times, which have so far occupied with Kamil Lhoták’s works. In addition, a documentary fi lm about the life and work of Kamil Lhoták will be created as part of the exhibition, where fundamental exhibited works will be presented together with the expert commentary. These works will be introduced to an even wider circle of persons interested in his works.
Kamil Lhoták ranks undoubtedly among the greatest and most versatile Czech artists of the 20th century. He was born on 25 July, 1912 in Prague. However, he did not undergo any special collegiate training; he was in contact with art since his young years. Together with his mother, who was very close to fine art, he visited the exhibitions of various authors that signifi cantly shaped his thinking about artistic career. During his studies at high school, his artistic skills begun to show and he fi nally decided the artistic career at the end of 1930’.
In Lhoták’s works, we can find a remarkable combination of nostalgia, wistfulness, stories seen with the passage of time, which have taken place a long time ago, in the time preceding his childhood. His act as the painter, and a little bit later also as the graphic artist, gives an unrepeatable poetics to seemingly absolutely uninteresting places and old technical objects. He looks for it, where most others do not see anything other than the abandoned and unnecessary things that have already served.
The South Bohemian Gallery is looking forward to your visit.

South Bohemian Gallery
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