Region of Plzeň

Autumn Invitation to the Pilsen Region

Our region is able to offer everything what is necessary to enjoy your free time and have a proper rest. There are lots of touristic paths and bikeroutes, hipotourism is also being prepared....

Plzeň ZOO – Totally Another World

Zoological garden in Pilsen is very popular in summers. And no wonder. With the rock parts and island yards in the river Mže valley belongs to one of the most beautiful zoological areas in...

Karel Klostermann (1848–1923)

The visitors to the Šumava mountains and the whole southwestern region of Bohemia can visit interesting exhibitions and touristics event all this year round. Imposing handicraft,...

Pilsen and Summer in Pilsen

Pilsen and summer, summer and Pilsen. Can anybody imagine a summer without a Pilsen? But how about to try summer in Pilsen? The city of Western Bohemia has greenery also in the centre, so...

Nepomucko – the smell of all colours

The Educative Trail Below Zelená Hora Mountain  

Meetings in Pilsen

When? In the middle of June! You will be at the right time on the right place if you are planning to meet your partners, family or friends in the middle of June in Pilsen. You can enjoy events...

Tracing Celts in Plzeň Region

Tracing Celts in our region means to transfer ourselves into times approximately two and half thousand years ago. The tribe of the Boii, which was gradually infiltrating into forests of...

The brewery tour: an excursion through the senses.

The brewery is a lively and dynamic place, combining Pilsner Urquell beer’s traditional production procedure with the most modern brewing technologies. Since April 2008 a new, modern...

Welcome to Železná Ruda, or to “Iron Ore“!

Everybody knows Železná Ruda. Everybody knows it is situated in a beautiful countryside in the Šumava mountains, boasts with fifty hundred years old history of glass works, iron...

Pilsen – the Excursion into History

It is the spring 1945. There is a camp of Wehrmacht on the left bank of the river of Mže. German soldiers are preparing for destroying the bridge. The group of the Czech parlamentarians...

How about Chodsko?

Do you like local meals, regional customs, clear and fresh air, amazing sceneries, views from towers? And sightseeings, both sacral and profane?

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