Region of South Bohemia

Wandering with the Carp Jakub

The touristic information centre in Vimperk prepares for opening of this year touristic season a wandering for elementary schools children around the town of Vimperk.  

Southern Bohemia has its first open-air museum

People say that each mill should have its own water sprite. If this is true, you can get to know provided you accept our invitation for the trip to the Šumava mountains. There is an old...

You can visit us anytime

Vimperk, a lovely town in Šumava mountains, is located in the Volyňka River valley at the foothills of the Boubín Mountains, 700 m above sea level. It can be a starting point for...

Enjoying culture in České Budějovice

Every year the royal town České Budějovice turns into a vivid culture centre. Music and theatre festivals offer a number of unique performances, in which the city’s historical...

Around Třeboň with and without a Horse

The spa town can be found in the south of Bohemia, in the heart of a beautiful landscape with an endless number of small and large ponds. Come and see for yourselves that besides ponds there...

Time for Alpine Skiing, Cross-country Skiing and Ice-skating

Vimperk – a town by the forest Boubín, often called Šumava´s gate, with its dominant – the castle – is situated in the close neighbourhood of the National...

SKITRANS for the Fifth Time

The SKITRANS transportation system enters yet another, season already the fifth in its history and on that occasion resents entire information about transport services for all winter sports...

Pre-Christmas Stroll around České Budějovice

St. Martin arrived in the city already on November 11. Although he did not stay for long he fulfilled his obligation with respect to the old Czech saying [that the first snow should fall on St....

Vimperk – at the Edge of the Boubín Forest

A picturesque town in the south of Bohemia, rightly called “Šumava´s Gate” or a town at the edge of the Boubín forest, became renowned thanks to its glass...

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