Region of Vysočina

We invite you to Jihlava Zoo

Lovely, imaginative and family-friendly. These are the words that could be used to describe the Jihlava Zoological Garden. It is a great place for a family trip, but also animal lovers will...

Christmas in Třešť

Christmas poetry can´t be imagined without a Christmas tree shining brightly. In Třešť there is also a nativity scene in addition to the tree. The construction of nativity scenes...

Christmas in Třešť with nativity scenes

The Christmas holidays are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year. Few other times of the year are cloaked in as many superstitions, customs and traditions as Christmas....

Welcome to Želiv

We wish you a pleasant stay Želiv has more than 1000 inhabitants. It is situated on the Želivka river at its confluence with the Trnávka river. The village name gradually...

Žďár nad Sázavou – Two Faces of the Town

The current look of the town as a dynamic modern developing regional centre is combined with the serene religiousness of the historic grounds of the former Cistercian monastery.

Humpolec -The Town Where Hliník Moved To

The town was founded as a guard post on the Prague to Moravia route. The first record of Humpolec is from 1178. The town experienced a boom between the 13th and 15th centuries thanks to silver...

Cross-country Skiing Paradise

White plains, breath taking climbing and wild down hills  

Museums and Galleries don‘t Sleep in Winter

Since this September the visitors to Vysočina can buy a collective entrance fee to the museums and galleries.  

An Excursion to See Animals Not Only in the ZOO

What can your children enjoy the most? If you take them for an all day long trip to see animals. A weekend after holiday is very suitable for this activity. And what are the possibilities in...

Horse Riding in the Vysočina

Long hills, meadows in blossoms, mirrors of lakes and silver ribbons of stream. Dozens of roads in the countryside attract for seeing from the horseback. Horse riding can be a nice way to...

Did you know…

…that in Havlíčkův Brod used to be a well with magical and healing water? Do you know where the central point of Europe is? According to the Czech mysterious genius Jára...

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